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Trashscape is an experimental excavation of the Anthropocene, wherein fly-tipping* sites become archaeological digs, museums, and art exhibits. The project serves not only as a platform from which to interrogate and critique human-kind’s consumerist nature; but also from which to playfully investigate language, to imagine possible futures, and to question the nature and definition of art and beauty. 


Trashscape is brought to you by the art collective Translation flowers - Inkeri Jäntti (FI), Nancy Dewhurst (UK) and Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić (RS). Initially the project will focus primarily on sites in Oulu, Finland. However, ultimately the trio plan to expand the project into Berlin, Novi Sad, and worldwide!


Originally it was intended that all three of the artists would come to Oulu in August 2020 in order to execute the project. However, due to Covid 19, they decided to develop and implement the project (mostly) remotely. Inkeri is based in Oulu, so she is the woman on the ground! But Nancy and Sunčica are working from their respective homes in Berlin and Novi Sad. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the resulting effort is an artwork that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world (not only in Oulu). Throughout the month of August, the trio will be releasing new content on this website. You can already: use the Trashscape map to navigate and explore Oulu’s trash-sites (both online and in-person),  submit images and coordinates of sites you’ve found yourself, or read research material pertaining to the project. Soon you will also be able to access Futurescape (an interpretation of the sites as told by experts from the future), Soundscape (from Oulu, Berlin and Novi Sad) and Trashopedia (a collection of both pre-existing and new words / terms relating to the project).


With many thanks to Oulu August Festivals, who have made the project possible by including it in their ‘Oulu August Festivals presents’ programme. 

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