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Soundscape of our future

Future soundscape is an auditory experience of mapped sites. Soundscape imagines future sounds of the visited landscape. Audio guide is imagined as a doorway into a new dimension of the present walking experience.


Download the track for designated sites. Let the sound take you on an exploration of a new imagined architecture of the landscape.


Listen and let go! 

1 Into the Trashscape 

Enter the world of spatial sounds coming to you from the future. 

2 Location :   Bachelor pad  

A story where in future its consumed by e waste  so the toxins enter the soil creating new materials, new factories for excavation emerge changing the frequency scope and soundscape of the area

​3 Location :   Dirty secret site  

A record of a group of archaeologist and data anthropologist excavating the location in the future. Decipher their conversation.

​4 Location :   You tried so hard  

You tried so much, navigating the harsh land. You abandoned the known and went exploring the alien seas.

5 Location :   Backyard Sale  

A report on The Kran made in 5034 AC, with translations by Anthropocene language experts into present day English.

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